Keeping up with the times is essential, especially when it comes to the privacy of others.


Our General Data Protection Regulation adapted to DCPC Switzerland.


The General Data Protection Regulation, in acronym GDPR, provides that every company  and association, small, medium or large, has at the complete disposal of its members, customers, collaborators and partners , an authentic declaration certifying which sensitive and non-sensitive personal data are collected and for what purpose, with relative management of the same.


The regulation therefore provides for data on the storage of these data and the security of the systems adopted.

On the official website of the GDPR you will find more information about it, if you are interested in implementing a similar system for your business. You can find it by pressing the button below.


Also treating sensitive data of our customers, we use the best data storage systems available on the web and through our internal encrypted servers.

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Let's start by specifying that our site,, only uses your data according to your Privacy specifications, adopted in your access browser, such as:


Device identification number

IP number of the device

Device name and code

Browser type used

Geographic Region - Location


These collected data serve solely for the purpose of improving the web experience.



What personal information does our company collect?


Your personal data are safe with us, in fact, especially for the part related to the simple display of the or website, we will have at our disposal only statistical data related to the amount of visits per page made and the number of clicks made on each element of the various pages.

At our sight, therefore, only your IP address will be identifiable, in order to monitor in an almost optimal way the correct number of visits for each individual device and an appropriate count of clicks.


However, through the IP address we are not able to trace the individual persons (name and surname) but we will be able to determine some other computer data that allow us to make our online information systems more operational.


According to a contact method for a service, we will be in possession of more sensitive data, such as:


Name and surname

Email address

Telephone number

Billing address

Service address

Organizational data

Account numbers for invoice charges


All data obtained will be safe and will not be transmitted in any way to third parties.


What are the methods of collecting your data and how does the system work?


When you decide to contact us, we will enter your personal and business data, within our local server and on our dedicated space on the Google G Suite platform, a safe and data protection compliant place such as that of the GDPR .


The contact with us will mainly take place via email, so all data will be indicated in black and white. Some information could in any case be reported by telephone contact for greater discretion and security.


Our goal is solely to contact you for information and invoice the services chosen. No data of yours will be taken and sold to third parties to advertise third party services or use this data for marketing purposes.


Why do we collect your personal information?


Every drop of knowledge is essential in order to guarantee you maximum satisfaction in terms of service, so the more we know about you, the more we will be able to develop a service plan that suits your corporate, business or entrepreneurial needs.


Specifically, our company requires your data to:


Provide and manage our services

Provide continuous technical assistance tailored to everyone

Provide information about our service promotions or any general information

Keep the supplier - customer link alive by keeping track of your updated data

Comply with applicable laws and regulations


How is data stored and kept secure?


The site is hosted on the online platform, where we have permission to publish our content such as activities, news, services and products.


The platform stores the personal data of users through its data memories, its databases and its general applications. The servers hosting these contents are safe and protected by Firewall.


Your personal contact details are instead stored by means of our customer cards and saved in special Hard Disks. Some information is also saved on our Google G Suite and Microsoft Outlook inbox which acts as an intermediary application for better email management.


We would like to inform you that payments made by credit card do not give us access to the number of the same but only to the amount paid.


How do we communicate with you?


Any visitor is free to contact us in the way they prefer.


Although for the first contact it is preferable to use the main method, i.e. e-mail, the user has several choices, including:


Scheduled telephone call

SMS or WhatsApp message

Video call

Official email

Meeting in person

Other method


According to the method preferred by each user we will always be able to stay updated for:


Exchange information about one of our services

Exchanging information about charges for one of our services

Request general information


Each user is free to contact us 24/365 using the contact method by email or Chat which is located on the lower right side of this page. Or between 8:00 and 18:00, every day.


How do we use data tracking services?


Whether you want to visit or our server, the Google Analytics tracking service shows us only some statistical information, collected through the IP number of your device and according to the privacy settings you have set in your browser.


However, all the data analyzed does not allow us to trace back to you as an individual but allow us to create targeted content by knowing our audience, based on gender, age and geographical region (in this case the position is approximate to guarantee high Privacy).


You can find more information on the Google Analytics Privacy rules and on the official website of the General Data Protection Regulation by Google LLC.


How can you withdraw your consent to the use of the collected data?


We will only delete all your data in our possession and we will no longer be able to contact you. It could be that some emails remain on file and some billing data that we have to keep for at least 10 years is still present but no data will ever be disclosed to third parties. On this site no customer has their own access, therefore this data is not collected.


Our server, on the other hand, only requires registration via email address to access personal folders containing the service photos and videos.

The folders are password protected and can only be viewed by people authorized to access them, according to the selected settings.


By withdrawing the consent on, you will still be able to access your personal folder for life, the password will always remain the same.


How do we update this Privacy Policy?


At any time we may modify, add or delete content from this information, so if you are interested in being informed about changes in this regard, check the page periodically to stay updated on news.


Any changes will take effect immediately upon publication of the updated site.


Are you interested in knowing in real time if there have been changes?


You can contact us as you wish and be informed immediately if we collect information other than that indicated, at any time you want.